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Around the world

International Removals

You can get full service about international removals by Inter Logistics Group.  Partially or complete house moving…


24h a day

Door to Door Moving

Door to door moving to all the world by Inter Logistics. Packing, assembly, insurance and professionalism…


All the world

House Storage

You can give your excess goods with  us to storage in safety. Inter Storage provide service in UK, Germany, Turkey and Netherlands.


7 days a week


Gettin world easier with Inter Logistics. All logistics services by Inter Logistics. Everyday to Europe  from Turkey.



24 hours support

You can reach the Operational section of Inter Logistics Group 24/7 and get information about your products. Turkey and Germany are open to communication …



From Europe to America, from Japan to Dubai all over the world, Air, Sea and Road quality transportation opportunities at Inter.


Direct client contact

All products are tagged and entered into our system. You can see where your items are and the estimated delivery time, and so on.

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ILG Inter Logistics truly lived up to what they said they would do and then some. They were dependable, organized, on time, and just very nice to work with. We moved from Istanbul to Frankfurt. ALL of the employees were great, and took pride in our belongings treating it as if it were there own. Can say enough good about Inter Logistics highly recommend them, pleasant experience.

Kathleen Moore

I moved to Germany 4 weeks ago , my mom still lives in Germany. So its about a time to bring her here .
I had no idea how to bring all her stuff here , because 8 years ago I didn’t have that problem I had only my back pack with me
I’m very happy that I found “ILG Inter Logistics Group” they guide me thru the whole process about international moving
It hard to believe but, was hustle free , stress lees international moving
I’m very thankful guys for your help , Thank you for helping me to reunite my family.

Arsen Hannah


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INTERNATIONAL MOVING AND REASONS People in our con- dition are transporting them home from international dwellings for reasons such as work, education and government appointments. In the globalizing world, you have made great progress in international business in the world of business. Many company employee choices are no longer solely for the citizens of the […]


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We have our current blog pages on how to operate our customers who have moved abroad from Turkey or on moving procedures or even access to information. The Inter Logistics Group, which carries household goods all over the world, provides a door-to-door service, including customs clearance, monte and demount operations. The inter logistics group, which […]


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Inter logistics group provides door to door transportation service for you. We provide foreign or domestic customers in Turkey to relocate to the whole world. Home transport service requires more attention, professionalism and quality service than other transport operations. Therefore, with years of experience we are working to give you the best service. If you […]


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