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People in our con- dition are transporting them home from international dwellings for reasons such as work, education and government appointments.
In the globalizing world, you have made great progress in international business in the world of business. Many company employee choices are no longer solely for the citizens of the country you are investing in, but for the company’s own needs and people’s expertise. companies bring together the most equipped people, regardless of country, city and region.

People who will be trained in such an area will apparently resort to one or more international decorations for children’s decorations, published articles, published articles, unified people. It is formed.

One-on-one government appointments give rise to international home-to-home transportation requirements. The person who will serve in the foreign delegations of our club will live in the country for as long as he is gone.

In addition to the three reasons we share above, there are reasons to be born of more respectability and objective conditions. The great size of progress in the 70 years of the world, such as art, technology, and quality of life, is a great hope for multinational corporations (universities, academies, etc.) He enters the same field as the NASA employee and the graduates of the Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences and the Department of Mathematics of the University of Ankara.


The sign of a habit that people have been through for years is a psychologically important influence if they could continue in their new home. Getting used to a new home, a new country, a new city, getting used to a new neighborhood creates a good motivation. Among these things, international home-to-home transport is an important alternative so that people can take their new habitats more easily.

As a result, you must inform your Inter-Logistics Group of your moving requests to comply with quality service requirements.


We have our current blog pages on how to operate our customers who have moved abroad from Turkey or on moving procedures or even access to information. The Inter Logistics Group, which carries household goods all over the world, provides a door-to-door service, including customs clearance, monte and demount operations. The inter logistics group, which has transfer centers in Germany and the UK, publishes 1 vehicle european on average every 2 days. If you want take quality service for door to door moving you can prefer us. So you will not have any problems with the delivery time while working with us. By contacting us through our contact lines, you can get more detailed information, make reservations, or take advantage of our free expert service.


Inter logistics group provides door to door transportation service for you. We provide foreign or domestic customers in Turkey to relocate to the whole world. Home transport service requires more attention, professionalism and quality service than other transport operations. Therefore, with years of experience we are working to give you the best service. If you contact us from anywhere in Turkey, we will close the day of the deal, our steel case truck, and the equipment and crew according to your transport needs. After all your items are packaged, labeling and listing are done. After all this, the car will go through the customs procedure and arrive at the country you want to move to. Inter Removals follows up to ensure that all these phases are healthy and does not use subcontractors. In addition, all promises mentioned above are formalized by pre-move contract. We provide transport services to many parts of the world, especially to European countries. The main ones are; America, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Canada, Italy, France, Romania, Poland, Spain. If you would like to make reservation or receive information for transportation service, please contact us.
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